My plan – How to eat on a tenner a week

My plan is simple. Build a store cupboard full of staples that I can use each week. After a few weeks I wish to spend at least half my budget on more luxurious goods. This should keep my diet varied and me interested.

With my first haul of groceries I have attempted stage 1. The quantity of rice, pasta and potato is too much for one week, even for me. Next week I won’t need to spend money on carbs (or carrots). Money could be spent on more tins and jars, maybe some frozen goods. Eventually after a few weeks I will be able to neglect staples almost completely, having such a store of them I am able to spend a large proportion of money on luxury meat, fish or dairy goods.

I must buy small ingredients to make what I already have as interesting as possible. A tub of yoghurt might have seen like an odd choice for week 1 but it was all part of the plan. I have frozen berries and a few left over digestive biscuits. So a purchase of a pot of yoghurt allow me to make a meal out of items that otherwise would be only snacks. I can also dollop it into a curry to make it creamier. Buying ingredients that can be used in more than one dish is going to be a vital strategy.

I am expecting a short honeymoon period as I eat through existing ingredients. Then I predict it will get very hard, the novelty of the challenge wear off and food will be more scarce and less varied than I am used to. Hopefully as my store cupboard fills and my stomach becomes smaller I will be more satisfied.



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