Jacket Potato and Spaghetti Hoops

About half seven in the evening day one and I am finally getting a bit hungry after the big breakfast I had at lunchtime. So I made my first meal. Jacket potato and half a tin of spaghetti hoops. Not exactly inspiring, but a sign of things to come.

I haven’t eaten spaghetti hoops since being a child and even then I would have turned my nose up. Today I livened them up with some chilli powder, mixed herbs and cumin. I added a touch of butter to the spuds also to cheer me up a bit.

I am weighing everything I cook so I can be accurate with my costings and nutritional info, but I don’t promise to keep this up forever it will be a hassle when I am out. This dinner cost about 49p, it will actually a little bit less I am rounding the weights up slightly so that I have a margin for error in my estimates.

  • 350g of potatoes – 20p
  • Half a tin of spaghetti – 8p
  • 20g Butter – 16p (I used the price on tesco online to estimate)
  • Herbs and Spices – 5p (random guessed amount)

I’m not bothering to write all my meals up here, even I am not quite that boring. I am however tedious enough to update myfitnesspal with everything I eat. I might even start weighing myself if I get the inspiration. Please find me on it and bore your heart out with every morsel of food and drink that passes my lips.

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