Pickled Veg

I am determined to make this diet somewhat more interesting. I also know my own ability to eat all the food in my flat in one go. To prevent this I attempted to pickle some of my vegetables. The pickle will take a day or two to infuse (is that the right word?) and will last a couple of weeks. Hopefully this will ensure I have some of it left over for next week.

First I ground some peppercorns, cloves, dried coriander, chilli powder and a few mustard seeds. I cooked them through on the hob before adding large amounts of vinegar and water and bringing the pan to the boil. I had no sugar or lemon so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and squeeze the juice of an easy peel satsuma for sweetness and fruitiness. I layered chopped carrot, cabbage, onion and garlic into a jar. I poured the boiled liquid over the vegetables ensuing that there were no air pockets. No idea whether it will taste any good yet, by the time you read this post you could ask me, I will have eaten it by then.

It is a big old jar and cost slightly over £1. I’m happy with that. But if I have mucked up the preservation of it then it could be a costly mistake.

  • Carrot – 15p
  • Cabbage – 17p
  • Onion – 7p
  • Garlic – 2p
  • Spice Blend – 20p (complete guess)
  • Vinegar – 18p (based on current Tesco price)
  • Satsuma – 25p (bit of a guess)

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