My first week of eating for just £10

I only spent a little over £9 in the end. I exploited the little yellow supermarket stickers to pick up some bargains at the end of the week. It has got to the next Saturday and I don’t actually need to go shopping at all. I have plenty of carrots, parsnips, spring greens in the fridge. Lots of rice, spaghetti and even some potatoes in the cupboard. There are still 5 of those frozen meals that I had prepared before the challenge (cheating). A tenner goes a long way it seems.

I made quite a few meals from scratch:

  • Brocolli and chickpea curry.
  • Pea and tomato spaghetti.
  • Pickled veg
  • Mushrooms on toast
  • Potato wedges
  • Jacket Potato
  • Frozen berries with yoghurt

I have enjoyed all of those meals without exception. I am under no illusions that this will get harder. When the remnants of the cupboard from before the challenge are gone the test will really hit. Watch this space.

There are a few dishes I hope to cook in the coming week. I would like to try and make a basic hummous (minus the tahini). I want to roast of the carrots and parsnips. I will make some mashed potato. I am still getting amounts of meat in the frozen meals but I haven’t purchased any, eating on a budget certainly lends itself to vegetarianism.

At the shops this weekend I will certainly get some biscuits, a bag of pasta, some fruit and more tins. This will fill out the cupboards making it easier to cook a variety of meals. Then some treats, possibly eggs, bacon, leeks, maybe cheese. Sounds good just listing it.

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