Rules of the game

I am trying to buy all my food and drink for just £10 per week. Here are the ground rules.

Add a tenner to the kitty each week. If I under-spend one week I can add it to the piggy bank for the following week. Whether this will be possible to any realistic degree is another question.

Track only food and drink. I will be treating toiletries, household goods and anything else you can think of separately. I will be continuing with vitamin supplements. I accept that is pushing the boundaries slightly but the Vitamin D at least was doctors orders and my health does struggle without them.

Minimise freebies. At work we get free hot drinks, people share cakes they have baked I shan’t begin refusing these. I won’t refuse to attend dinner parties or BBQs. These things are already a part of my lifestyle. I will try, where possible to reciprocate cooking something to share, perhaps inviting others round for a meal. I won’t be running around stealing sugar sachets from cafes, or getting mates to shout my pints and such like.

Make healthy choices. My diet is unlikely to be perfectly balanced and at times I may be eating well under my calorie requirements. I may still have coffee, biscuits and  However at no point should my diet be any worse than the convenience food scoffing, take-away ordering beer drinking life I had before.

My experiment, my rules. Truthfully I am sceptical this is even possible to do for the long term. My initial aim is a year, reckon I might last a month. If I choose to change the rules or sack it off I will. I certainly will be honest about what I buy, eat and drink.