Why am I bothering

The truth is that I am absolutely embarrassed about my eating habits. I spend lots of money in supermarkets, get to the end of the week and throw most of it out. I often live off convenience food and takeaways, especially towards the end of a long term at school. I drink too much. I do all of this mindlessly without any thought to the effects on my well being.

I have ballooned to well over 20 stone and despite trying numerous ways to lose weight have not been able to change my eating habits. I struggle to play tennis, walk or swim in the way I used to enjoy. I constantly feel unwell and tired. Something has to change rather urgently and this challenge is it.

Time spent in the kitchen is time I enjoy. I am miles away from a Michelin chef but I am a reasonable home cook. Now I can test my mettle rather than relying on expensive luxury items.